OPTICA SAGASTA born in 2010 as an innovative new concept of Optical away from traditional standards by offering first fruits and revolutionary concepts that no one indifferent.

ÓPTICA SAGASTA ONLINE, is the logical consequence of our organic growth. You can find, as in our center, all the international trends in the world of optics as well as all products of the best known national and international firms. Your trust is essential for us, so we do not sell any products online that has not been previously sold and tested in our centers. All our products online have the same stringent quality parameters and guarantee that those in our stores.

Only at ÓPTICA SAGASTA you can make purchases, returns and inquiries both online and in situ in our optical centers.

Solo nuestra OPTICA ONLINE single optical puts at your disposal an optometrist during the business hours (10:00-14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday, GMT +1) for any query that can rise you in your process purchase..

We are at your disposal in our 3 and optical centers online.

Turn to be innovative … now online.

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